what is docsend

What Is DocSend

The virtual data market continues to grow mercilessly, with offers from various providers now just waffling through the ups, but some consistently remain the best. One of the recognizable brands in the VDR industry is DocSend. In this article, we will highlight the main characteristic of DocSend and the features that make it stand out from the rest.

DocSend – the history of creation

The developers of DocSend wanted to emphasize their software to provide transparency in fundraising transactions because when they were faced with the need to raise funds, they realized how difficult this process is and how hard it is sometimes for investors. That idea turned out to be a pretty good implementation because that’s how DocSend was created. The program was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in California, USA.

Now many large corporations are working with the space, and users in general note only minor flaws, which the development team is trying its best to fix. So, users say that this solution should work on more successful implementation of the interface, but otherwise, they note that the space is really simple, convenient, and most importantly – safe. It provides a comfortable environment for making deals, especially considering its ability to be integrated by Google. DocSend has other advantages, which we’ll talk about below.

DocSend’s main features

DocSend is one of the best concise virtual data room examples that provides only the most useful tools. It’s not cluttered with unnecessary features that companies find hard to use. This VDR will allow you to quickly navigate the application of the tools offered, even to users without much experience in using computer technology. The distinguishing features of DocSend are:

  • Flexible browsing approach

Customize each of your spaces with a unique company logo to make it look more personalized and recognizable. You also can add watermarks to your documents, either to a specific one or to all existing ones. This will greatly reduce the likelihood of data leakage, especially in tandem with other security features. Create a separate confidential room for a particular stage of the transaction with a specific set of documents.

  • Comfortable permissions management

Control permissions to your documents with the viewer verification feature. This tool is more efficient than what legacy VDRs can offer you. In addition to the standard viewer deny, copy, print, and upload permissions, you can also remotely selectively allow users to upload documents and set up mandatory NDA signatures before viewing documents. You can also set additional passwords for individual spaces to increase security.

  • Detail Analytics

With page-by-page analytics, you can get more information about user actions in the space. You can see exactly which pages of the document were viewed and how much time a particular user spent there. This approach to analytics will give you a better understanding of what turns your deal will take, and which potential partners are more interested in it.

  • Duplicate spaces

Create personalized templates that you can then easily apply depending on the situation. Customizing your templates is extremely useful for due diligence and other business processes.

  • Space Notifications

These instant notifications allow users to be notified of changes in the VDR space as soon as they are made.  Get users up to speed without leaving the space or doing additional operations.

Now that we’ve figured out what is DocSend and highlighted its main features, it’s worth paying attention to the provider’s pricing.  He offers his customers three plans, which start at $15 a month and end at $250 a month, respectively, and the set of features expands more and more when using the more expensive plan.